For whom?

For whom?

In coordination with Fundación Lazos de Dignidad and MasterPeace Bogotá, we will initially support the medical expenses of three young people with serious eye injuries caused during the National Strike. In all cases there is total loss of vision of an eye, presenting different scenarios of urgency and medical severity. 

Andres* is 28 years old. On May 1, 2021, in Bogotá, he was hit by a rubber bullet in his face, affecting his left eye. He needs urgent support for medical tests and treatment. He does not have an EPS (health insurance) and the subsidized health system has not been able to guarantee him the necessary care in time, which could have possibly saved his eye. Andrés is the breadwinner of his family. He used to be a laborer, but out of necessity he is now a street vendor.

Miguel* is 20 years old. While exercising his right to protest in Bogota on May 1, 2021, he was hit in the face by a tear gas can. This caused him to lose vision in one of his eyes, with possible vision loss in the second eye and fractures all over his face. He has received basic medical care from his EPS (health insurance). However, he needs other reconstructive surgeries that may not be covered by his health insurance, as well as psychological care.

Diego*, 20, also on May 1 in Bogotá, was hit by a rubber bullet in his face and lost vision in his left eye. He has received medical attention from his EPS. However, he needs support to cover co-payments and additional medical expenses. Diego has a two-year-old son, is the breadwinner of his family and is unable to work.

* Names have been changed for security reasons